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  • Ashtottara Shatanamavali of Lord Shiva
    108 names of Lord Shiva, which are collectively known as Ashtottara Shatanamavali of Lord Shiva.
  • Do you know who composed the musical composition of the major Vedas of Hinduism?
    Once, the Asuras destroyed all the Vedas to eliminate religion from the earth. Due to the absence of Vedas, religion will be eliminated from the earth and there will be unrighteousness everywhere.
  • Good or Bad Comapany impact in our Life
    Once there lived a Seth in the village. He was very old. He was very satsangi and always worshiped God. One day, he told his sons, that in my last time, I want to tell you some important things.
  • Krishna Paksha
    Krishna Paksha is called the decreasing moon in the Hindu calendar. Krishna is the Sanskrit word for
  • Shukla Paksha
    Shukla Paksha is called the rising moon in the Hindu calendar. Shukla is the Sanskrit word for
  • Top 10 Delhi Famous Temples
    Delhi is the capital of India, Delhi has its own political and religious significance. There are some temples in Delhi which have historical and spiritual significance of India.
  • What is the importance of saying desire in the ears of Nandi and why it is done?
    What is the importance of saying desire in the ears of Nandi and why it is done? Nandi is the chief devotee of Lord Shiva. Nandi, who must be enshrined in the form of a bull, in front of Lord Shiva in any Shiva temple. Lord Shiva rides Nandi and Nandi is very dear to Lord Shiva.
  • Why do idol worship?
    Why do idols worship and what is the benefit of worshiping idols? This question is in everyone's mind. Idol worship in Indian religion is considered important and symbol of faith.

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