Tapeshwari Devi Temple

Tapeshwari Temple is one of the major temples of the Hindus. Tapeshwari Devi Temple is situated at Birbhana Road, Patpur, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. The temple is one of ancient and famous temples of Kanpur. The Temple is devoted of Goddess Sita. History of Tapeshwari temple dates back to Ramayana period.

It is believed that when Lord Rama had banished godess Sita from Ayodhya, then she stayed at Bithoor. The evidence of her stay along with her two sons Luv and Kush, in Bithoor, can be found even today. Mother Sita used to visit this place every day, to perform meditation. The Goddess chose this temple to perform Mundan ceremony of her two sons. Mother Sita with three other women, named Kamala, Vimla and saraswati used to do penance here. For this reason, the temple is called Tapeshwari Temple'. The idols of Kamala, Vimala, Saraswati and Mata Sita are present in this temple. There is a mystery about which idol is of Mother Sita.

All the festivals are celebrated in the Tapeshwari temple. On the occasion of Durga Puja and Navratra, a special Puja is organized. After the visit to the mother, people also get their children's head shaved and ears pierced. The temple was renovated in 1960. Every Navratri thousands of devotees visit the temple. The temple is decorated with flowers and lights. The temple's spiritual environment gives peace of mind and heart to the devotees.

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