Shri Vakratunda Ganesha Mantra

Shri Vakratunda Ganesha Mantra

Shree Vakratunda Mahakaya Suryakoti Samaprabha
Nirvighnam Kuru Me Deva Sarva-Kaaryeshu Sarvada॥

1: O Lord Ganesha, of Curved Trunk, Large Body, and with the Brilliance of a Million Suns,
2: Please Make All my Works Free of Obstacles, Always.

Meaning word by word:

  • Vakratunda - Curved trunk
  • Mahakaya - Huge form
  • Surya - Sun
  • Koti - Billion
  • Sama - Equal
  • Prabha - Splendor
  • Nirvighnam - No obstacles
  • Kurume - Give me
  • Deva - God
  • Sarva - All
  • Kaaryeshu - Endeavours
  • Sarvada - Always

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