List of Famous Hindu temples in India

  • Patal Bhubaneswar
    Patal Bhubaneswar is a limestone cave temple, 14 kilometers from Gangolihat in Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand state of India. It is located in Bhubaneswar village.
  • Patalpuri Temple
    Patalpuri Temple is a Hindu temple which is situated in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, Allahabad. Allahabad's name has been changed 'Prayagraj' by the Uttar Pradesh Government in October 2018, which is the old name of this place.
  • Prem Mandir Vrindavan
    Prem Mandir is dedicated to Lord Rama and Lord Krishna. Prem Mandir is located in Vrindavan holy city of district Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. The temple was established by Shri Kripalu Maharaj in January 2001 and it took almost 11 years to complete.
  • Priyakant Ju Temple
    Shri Priyakantju Temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and the temple ensconced the beautiful and attractive deities of Lord Krishna and Radha. The theme of the construction of this temple is Radha Krishna, Radharani is in the form of Priya Ji and Bhagwan Shri Krishna takes that of Kant ju giving darshan to the devotees.
  • Purnagiri Temple
    Purnagiri Temple is located at Tanakpur, Uttarakhand, India, at an altitude of 3000 feet on Annapurna peak. This temple is the main temple of the Hindus and is one of the main Shaktipeeth temples of Uttarakhand.
  • Raghunath Temple
    Raghunath Temple is located in Jammu city of Jammu & Kashmir state of India. This temple is not only a symbol of devotion of Hindu religion but also the identity of Jammu city.
  • Raghunath Temple
    Raghunath Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Rama. This temple is located on Devprayag, Tehri district of Uttarakhand, India. This temple is situated at the confluence of the Alaknanda and Bhagirathi rivers.
  • Ram Janmabhoomi
    Ram Janmabhoomi is the place on which Lord Vishnu was born as form Lord Ram of the 7th Avatar. The place is located in Ayodhya city, Uttar Pradesh, India. There is a temple dedicated to Lord Ram on the birthplace.
  • Rameswaram Jyotirlinga Temple
    Rameswaram Jyotirlinga Temple is one of the main pilgrim centers of Hindus. The temple is completely dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple is one of the Char Dhams of Hindus. It is located in Ramnathapuram district of Tamil Nadu.
  • Ramgiri Shakti Peeth
  • Ranbireshwar Temple
    Ranbireshwar temple is situated on Shalimar road in front of Jammu-Kashmir civil secretariat in Jammu city.
  • Ratnavali Shakti Peeth
    Ratnavali Shakti Peeth is the main religious place of the Hindus. In the Ratnavali Shakti Peeth, Right shoulder of Mother Sati had fallen. It is believed that there is still a difference between the fixed place of Ratnavali Shaktipeeth i.e. the right place is unknown.
  • Rudranath Temple
    Rudranath Temple is situated in Chamoli district of Garhwal, Garhwal Himachalaya Mountain, Uttarakhand, India. The temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Rudranath Temple is one of the Panch Kedars and the Fourth number of Panch Kedars.
  • Sai Baba Temple
    Sai Baba temple is one of the oldest and prominent temples of Delhi. Sai Baba temple is located on Lodhi road, Delhi near Jawahar Lal Nehru stadium. The temple is built in modern style.
  • Sai Baba Temple Shirdi
    Sai Baba Temple is located in Shirdi village, Ahmednagar state, Maharashtra, India. The temple is called the religious place of all religions. It is situated in the heart of Shirdi village and it is a major center of pilgrims from all over the world.
  • Salasar Balaji Temple - Rajasthan
    Salasar Balaji Temple is an ancient Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman. Salasar Balaji Temple timings, arti timings, photo, images, video, history and story. Salasar Balaji Temple location, city and how to reached the temple.
  • Saptashrungi Temple
    Saptashrungi or Saptashringi Temple is a famous pilgrim center for Hindus. This religious place is situated in a small village, Kalwan taluka Nanduri near Nashik. This village is located in the state of Maharashtra, India.
  • Shakumbari Devi Temple
    Shakumbari Devi Temple is an ancient temple of Hindus. This temple is the Shaktipeeth Temple of Goddess Durga. This temple is located in Jasmour village area, 40 kilometers from Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India.
  • Shani Temple Shinganapur
    Shani Mandir is one of the main temples of Hindus. This temple is located in Shinganapur village, Ahmednagar district, Maharashtra, India. This place is one of the main pilgrimage sites of Hindus.
  • Shanidham Temple - Asola
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  • Shanti Stupa
    Shanti Stupa is situated on a hilltop in Chanspa, Leh district, Ladakh, in the north Indian state of
  • Sheetla Mata Mandir
    Sheetla Mata Mandir is a major Hindu pilgrimage. SheetlaMata temple is devoted to goddess Sitala Devi. The temple is located on Sheetlamata Road in Gurugram (Gurgaon) city in the state of Haryana, I
  • Shiv Khori Cave
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  • Shiv Mandir Gufawala
    Shiv Mandir Gufawala located at Preet Vihar, East Delhi is approx 22 years old. Shiv Mandir is one of the most famous temples and very beautiful temple of East Delhi. The temple receives a large number of devotees throughout the year.
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