Shri Moksha Dham Temple

Moksha Dham Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to all Hindu Gods. It is situated on Chirodi Road in Loni (Ghaziabad), Uttar Pradesh, India. It is at a distance of about approx 10 km from Delhi Border (Bhopura Border). This temple is also famous as Sheetla Mata Temple in the surrounding area. The deity fulfills all the desires of Her devotees and give them blessings. The temple spans across approx. 3000 yards. There are many beautiful and attractive replica of various famous temples like Sheetla Mata Temple, Vaishno Devi Temple, Maha Kaleshwar Temple, Navgrah Temple, Shani Temple, Sai Baba Temple, Giriraj Temple (Govardhan) and Sapt-Sri Mata Temple (Seven Mata) at one place inside the premises of Moksha Dham temple.

There are many small caves inside the temple complex. These caves depict the different mythological stories of various deities. One of these caves depicts about the various events from the life of all the incarnations of Lord Vishnu. A few of the events depicted are of Slaying of demons like Taadka, Pootna and Killing of Kansa. The portrait of Lord Vishnu in His Virata form is also beautifully displayed through numerous pictures and sculptures.

Lord Krishna is also shown here as lifting Govardhan Mountain on his finger. Inside the Rishi bhavan, various portraits of different sages are on display. Moksha dham temple also has a small temple of Lord Shiva in which all the twelve Jyoti-lingas of Lord Shiva are shown in a very beautiful manner. Inside the Vaishno-Devi temple all the different forms of Devi are displayed in the form of pictures and sculptures. The three aspects (Pind) of Devi are also part of the portraits shown here.

There are many strange and extraordinary events told about the history and formation of this Moksha Dham temple. As per legend, during the Mahabharata, all the pandavas along with Lord Krishna and other warriors passed through this place while going into the War at Kurukshetra. It is also said that asur Hidimba and his sister Hidimba used to wander about this place and after marrying Bhim, Hidimba gave birth to Ghatotkach at this place.

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